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"You make it fun!"
– T. Greene

You are a fantastic teacher. You can make every lesson funny and interesting.

– M. Denton-White


Thank you, Laura, for your patience and understanding. It's wonderful to be taught piano by a great teacher.

– J. Aikmann


As a teacher of 30 years, I admire your pedagogy.

– J. Corbett


Thank you again for all of your guidance and fabulous, tailored, dedicated teaching.

– K. Hall


You are an awesome teacher and I really like getting taught by you!

–A. Thomson


Thanks so much for all your help with James and his music. We have enjoyed this past year, your spirit and sense of humour.

– M. Whitney


Thank you for your incredible patience, insight and commitment.

– B. Scales


Thank you for the great year that Rachel has had. You really made it fun to learn.

– J. Shane


Thank you for giving us such a great year of learning to play the piano and the guitar. Also, thank you for letting us have the chance to have rockin' duets.

–J. & R. Haire


Shannon is sure enjoying her piano time with you. Thanks again!

– K. Boese


Laura Elston is an extraordinary piano teacher. ... I am impressed.

– J. Thomson


Thank you Laura for being such a supportive and encouraging teacher!

– K. Roeder-White


Both Michelle and I are extremely pleased with the progress that Conor has made with you over the last year, and Conor has certainly enjoyed it. We have been thrilled with his enthusiasm for piano and music that you have fostered in him and have recommended you to a number of our friends.

– B. Williams


You are such an excellent teacher.

– G. Witte


Thank you so very much for all your work teaching piano to Kayla and Lauren. They really enjoy it!

– D. Moritz


You're uplifting!

– K. Wallace


Thank you so very much ... I enjoyed my piano lessons with you, not only for the music lessons, but also for your knowledge and sense of humour. You made it fun.

– T. Greene


Thank you so much for your fabulous lessons you taught! I learned so much from you. Not only are your lessons fun, but so are you. Your kindness is infectious and you are very selfless with your time. Thank you, Laura, for an amazing year.

– K. Day


Lessons are an absolute joy!

– J. Courneya


You are a truly gifted piano teacher who uses innovative techniques to engage your students. We will happily recommend students to you. Thank you for your years of patient work with our children.

– M. Cooley and C. Demerling


As a teacher you have made a positive impact in [our daughter's] overall development. We are thankful to you.

– B. Srinivasan


Thank you Laura for the wonderful lessons. My daughter made significant improvements over the two years. She enjoyed them very much!

– T. Zhang


You are an amazing and friendly teacher!

– Q. Li

I had great time learning from you. I like your teaching method very much, your talents, your piano techniques, and the easy and friendly learning experience.

– D. Zhou


Thank you for an amazing year of piano lessons! [Our daughter] has learned so much and has really enjoyed her lesson each week. You've done a wonderful job of connecting with her and helping to foster her love of music."

– K. and M. Kyte

I love Laura's method of teaching. She's so flexible, and it's so easy to grasp the information that she's teaching.

– S. DuFrene


singing birds

"Thank you!"
– Laura