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Piano Mastery With At-Home Convenience

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Skype piano lessons are the ideal solution for people who have busy schedules, travel often, want lessons at home or can't find the right piano teacher in their area.

Private Online Piano Lessons Include:

All of the features of private piano lessons, plus


  • Comfortable surroundings in your own home, without having to tidy for a visitor
  • Lessons on your own instrument – a joy for pianists
  • Time and trouble saved by not commuting to lessons
  • Recordings of lessons for your future reference
  • Instant transfers of music and study notes
  • More flexibility in scheduling

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How Easy Are Skype Lessons?

Connecting for Skype or FaceTime piano lessons is as simple as taking a phone call on your tablet or laptop.

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Online piano lessons are much the same as those in person. Your teacher hears and sees you play, demonstrates for you and offers instruction the same as in person.

In the first few minutes of your free lesson, we'll adjust your camera position for a good view of your hands and the keys. You’ll see me at my keyboard, too. We hardly notice the technology; it feels more like we're beside each other in the room.

There are differences between online and in-studio private lessons.

First, I won’t be able to place your hands physically on the keys.

Second, when we play together, we’ll each be at our own piano. We won't have to juggle positions on one bench, and we can both play the same keys at the same time, if we want.

Third, you won’t be driving to your piano lesson; traffic or snowstorms won't hinder or plague you. With lessons at home, you're ready to learn from the first moment.

A favorite feature of private online lessons is students' option to record their lessons for future reference. Forget how to change from a C chord to a G chord? No worries, you can watch your lesson again.

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Music isn't about anything. Music just is.

– Leonard Bernstein

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Music isn't about anything. Music just is.

– Leonard Bernstein


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"Thank you, Laura .... It's wonderful to be taught piano by a great teacher."
– J. Aikmann