The fastest and easiest way to learn

The fastest way to learn


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Private Piano Lessons Include:


  • Friendly, step-by-step instruction
  • One-on-one lessons geared to your learning style
  • Two hours of lesson time per month
  • Unlimited email and telephone support
  • Customized study notes
  • Supplemental music and materials
  • Performance opportunities

Read more about piano learning styles and popular methods

Tapping your unique learning style is the key to supercharging your rate of learning. Everyone has a unique learning style. Discovering it is the rewarding challenge that keeps piano teachers in the game.


Piano lessons reveal to you the proven deep-learning strategies that speed up mastery and build your solid foundation for ongoing accomplishment. Having one-on-one, private lessons allows every bit of the pedagogy to be customized to work best for you.


Musical Styles

Blues, Baroque, classical, jazz, popular, country, gospel, rock, contemporary, to name just a few. "There's good music and there's bad music," said Louis Armstrong. "Good music is anything you can tap your toes to." While piano students are encouraged to be well-rounded musically, you're welcome to focus on a particular style that has captured your interest.


All Ages

Piano students of all ages and all skill levels are welcome to apply for lessons or coaching. Students begin as early as 3 and as late as 83. Is it ever too late? No. Music study in later life is a sheer joy that has countless preventive and restorative health benefits.

Popular Piano Methods


Piano students enjoy using the materials in the following methods. Some mix methods for a custom blend.


Royal Conservatory of Music

A world-renowned program for developing excellence in piano performance.



The Royal Conservatory of Music offers ten grade levels and an associate diploma for teachers and performance. Many school boards award a high school credit for completion of Grade 7 and Grade 8 piano.


RCM Examinations are conducted three times a year. There are examination centres across Canada, including in Kingston. Examination fees are modest.



The Suzuki Method

Employs nature's own learning strategy for developing musical talent.



The Suzuki Method was founded more than sixty years ago by the Japanese violinist Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. It's also known as the Talent Education method.


Dr. Suzuki observed that young children all over the world speak their mother tongues naturally and easily because they hear the sounds and rhythms of the language in their environment. Parents lovingly encourage and reinforce their children's efforts to learn language. The Suzuki method applies these principles to the study of music.

Suzuki teaching is based on a philosophy of respect for each child as a unique human being. Talent is not inherited, and the potential of every child is unlimited. With the proper education and environment, all children can learn music as well and as easily as they learn to talk.


Suzuki Method concepts include –


• Environment nurtures growth

• Every child can learn

• Parental involvement is critical

• Children learn from one another

• Success breeds success

• Encouragement is essential

• Ability develops early

(Source: The Suzuki Method. Suzuki Association of Ontario, 2001)



Mastering the Piano

Combines the Conservatory and Suzuki approaches for the best of both worlds.



Mastering the Piano is a comprehensive system for teaching piano. Based on proven pedagogy, it shows how feelings affect the ability to learn and teaches how to harness those feelings to create extraordinary results.


By studying the Mastering the Piano method, you will:


Acquire specific techniques in a happy non-judgmental environment

Discover proven strategies for memorizing music effortlessly

Learn injury-free piano technique

Improve your performing ability

Experience fun-filled learning


Mastering the Piano comprises six volumes of repertoire and an excellent technique program. The repertoire is a graded selection of the most popular piano classics, edited for clarity and ease-of-reading. Each volume of music is accompanied by a recording of the pieces by internatonal artist Valery Lloyd-Watts.



Your Custom Program

Draws freely from resources of style, repertoire and technique to achieve your musical goals.



Focusing on the music you love to play, your custom program gives you the technical skills you need to enjoy yourself at the keyboard. It gives you new perspectives on music and learning so you can play the music you love quickly and easily.


Custom Programs are available to students ages 10 and older.



beautiful hand position at the piano

"All you have to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself."

– Johann Sebastian Bach

beautiful hand position at the piano

"All you have to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself."

– Johann Sebastian Bach


student at piano lesson

"Thank you again for all of your guidance and fabulous, tailored, dedicated teaching."
– K. Hall