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How PJ Piano Studio Safeguards Your Data


Your personal information is not sold, traded or used by us for unauthorized solicitation. We treat your information with respect.


Anonymous Information About Visitors

When you visit our site, you're not personally identifiable to us. Your visit may be reported to us by Google, as part of an aggregate dataset of anonymous users. We use this data for making our website perform better.


If you come to certain pages on this site from Facebook (e.g., pianolessons.html), Facebook records your visit by placing a "cookie" on your browser. This information helps us to show Facebook ads to those who want to see them and not to others. You can delete this cookie from your browser in its privacy settings. (I clear my cookies daily; am I too serious about privacy?) You can also adjust your privacy settings on Facebook to your liking.


Personally Identifiable Information

When you give us personal information in order to receive a benefit, you're no longer anonymous. In this case, your information is used by us solely for purposes to which you have expressly consented, for billing and to meet legal obligations.



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